Full Review of the EasyCash4Ads System

EasyCash4ads Launched in December 2016 and is being touted as the new miracle program of the decade. We investigate how these claims stack up. Can EasyCash4Ads live up to the claim or is it an elaborate scam.

EC4A's compensation plan is a 2-up system where your first two sales (which they refer to as qualifier sales) are passed up to your sponsor. Everybody has to make these 2 qualifier sales before they can start their first income leg which means the longer you are in the system, the more likely it is you will actually make a good chunk of money.

Before we get to the cost to join, let's first have a look at the 2-up compensation plan and why it works.

On a simple 1-up where only your first sale is passed up to your sponsor, your income can quickly come to a standstill if the last person you referred can't or won't refer anyone. This is assuming you only started one income leg, but you can still see why this method is doomed to fail. 1-ups are typically associated with get-rich-quick schemes and our advice would be to stay away from them.

What makes the 2-up compensation plan different is that with each level you reach, the risk of your income coming to a halt is effectively halved. Continue a few levels down and it becomes almost impossible to stop it.

So how much does it cost to join and what do you get for it?

The total cost to join is a one-time $19; $9 is for your hosting and the remaining $10 goes to your sponsor. What you get for your $19 is actually a bit more than what is advertised and that is always nice when a company can over-deliver on a product.

Officially, everybody in your income leg/s will see your full page ad for 25 seconds each time they log in. While this can have a profound effect in other programs you belong to, it quickly loses its power after you have seen the same ad a dozen times, especially if you went ahead and joined whatever system your sponsor is advertising. This is where the owners used their heads and the first part of over-delivering starts.

Any new members you get into your income legs, whether directly referred or passed up from the people in your EasyCash4Ads legs, will see your ad every time they log in to their back-office, but only for the first two weeks. After two weeks they will see a random member's ad. Not only does this put your ad in front of more eyes than simply the people in your leg/s, it also has the added benefit for newbies and those members who are slow at referring of getting a lot other people to look at their offer.

Continuing to over deliver, a special section found in your the back-office is dedicated to member contributions. Here you will find reports in both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats by some top recruiters in EasyCash4Ads where they outline the exact methods they use daily to get sign-ups. Just this feature alone is a gold mine as the information relates to all on-line marketing and not just for EasyCash4Ads. If you are struggling to make a dime on-line these reports will really open your eyes as to how successful marketers go about getting referrals. It is the equivalent of a guru standing over your shoulder and telling you exactly what to do every day.

A last honorable mention I want to give before passing the final verdict has to go to the affiliate resources.

While most program owners will give you two or three resources to help you promote and send you on your way, the owners of EasyCash4Ads really look after their affiliates. They cover all aspects of marketing, both off-line and on-line with an abundance of tools you are not likely to see anywhere else.

The back-office is divided in to 2 sections when it comes to affiliate resources to make it easy for newbies to start and work their way up to the more in depth tools without getting overwhelmed. Talking about tools, the capture pages and splash pages are almost works of art and sure to draw in visitors.

They also have a complete follow-up system designed to draw in new members with a mixture of information and humor. They also send members a copy-and-paste email to send to prospects who opted in to receive more information. What makes this copy-and-paste email especially powerful is that they managed to create an email for members to send out which actually does a hard sell (yes, you read that right), but they disguise it as a very innocent and sincere email.

Final verdict.

EasyCash4Ads offers phenomenal value for a one-time cost of only $19. While some marketers may consider it a pseudo gifting system, there is much more than meets the eye. As a feeder program it is a perfect fit as everyone and their uncle has $19 to spare. For those of you who already belong to FunMouse and / or GDI, EasyCash4Ads has the added bonus that it feeds into those programs as well to help you get more sign-ups without any extra effort.

This program gets our highest recommendation.

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I mintbuilders

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Imagine Getting Gold & Silver at No Charge! Of course that sounds too good to be true right? Sure, but with MintBuilder you NOW have the ability to do just that!

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Personal Financial Success! 

MyEcon's mission is to empower people to attain: Personal Financial Success Personal Financial Success is simply having enough cashflow to support our lifestyles during our working years and our retirement years. To attain Personal Financial Success, we need to earn enough cashflow during our working years to support our lifestyles and simultaneously invest enough money to build enough assets to generate our desired retirement income.

If someone is earning $100,000 annually during their working years, they will need at least 12 times that annual amount or about $1,200,000 in their investment account.
America is the wealthiest country in the world, accounts for over 25% of the world’s wealth and is home to over 12 million millionaires. Over 1000 people become millionaires in America every day, but even with all this wealth millions of Americans are struggling financially. So, the question is, why? There are many reasons, but, the number one reason is the strategy people use to create their income and wealth. America is a capitalistic country, which means the biggest financial rewards go to business owners and investors. Unfortunately, most Americans are not business owners and do very little investing. Fortunately, myEcon has a solution.

Our Solution Is

More Cashflow & Smart Financial Strategies.
You might be thinking, how can More Cashflow & Smart Financial Strategies help me attain financial success? Think about what an additional $1000 or more in monthly cashflow could do for your budget. You could pay off debt quickly, build investments faster or even enhance your lifestyle. When the debt is eliminated, keeping the monthly cashflow that was formerly paid to creditors is like giving yourself a pay raise, and investing the extra cashflow will build you a new income stream. Obviously, extra cashflow and smart financial strategies can quickly put you on the road to financial success.

myEcon has two powerful methods for associates to acquire more cashflow.

The first method is using strategies in our Income Shifting Membership. The membership has 5 cashflow strategies which enables associates to acquire additional cashflow by restructuring their current finances. Obviously less taxes and less debt lead to more cashflow.
The second method is by Earning Business Income referring the membership to other people. Let's discuss how we increase our cashflow using the strategies in the membership first. 5

Smart Cashflow Strategies

The first strategy is Correct Tax Withholding - The IRS says over 100 million employees have too much money withheld from their pay checks for taxes. When too much money is withheld for taxes, employees lose money because they could have used that money for investing, debt elimination or lifestyle. Every day, we help hundreds of people correct their W4 and increase their take home pay by hundreds of dollars monthly.
The 2nd strategy is Minimize Taxes. As a myEcon Associate, you become a business owner. Business owners have access to many more tax deductions than employees. Those deductions can save business owners thousands of dollars. We provide each associate with our cashflow manager app, which tracks income, expenses, receipts and business miles. We also provide training from the IRS website on potential deductions and how to document them.
Our 3rd strategy is Debt Elimination. We provide each associate with: Debt Elimination Software, Debt Elimination Training and Extra Cashflow to eliminate debt fast.
The 4th Strategy is Build Great Credit - myEcon's myCredit System provides each associate educational videos and support tools to build a great credit score. Associates learn how to dispute negative credit history and how to maximize credit utilization, credit mix, credit history and new credit.
Our fifth strategy, Investment Education leads to investment income which provides Financial Freedom. We provide training on: Investment Terminology and Investment Strategies. One of our most important strategies is Own A Piece of America. As consumers, we spend millions of dollars during our lifetime with big American companies, shifting some of those dollars into buying stock in those companies instead of consumer goods only, simply makes sense. Our associates increase their cashflow using the strategies in the membership and earn business income referring the membership to other people.

World Class Compensation Plan

myEcon has a World Class Compensation Plan. The system is World Class because we pay every Friday and we make money by simply enrolling members into our inexpensive membership and asking those members to refer the membership to other people. Every time a new member enrolls: You earn upfront weekly income & monthly residual income. You earn $25.00 on personal enrollees and up to $7.00 on team enrollees and Up to $8 monthly residual income on each active membership. Imagine having 25, 50 or even 100 new members enroll on your team weekly. Top Associates in myEcon earn thousands of dollars in upfront weekly commissions and monthly residual income.

Let's look at the income potential. World Class Compensation Plan

  • If your team enrolls 10 new members weekly, you earn up to $250 in upfront weekly income, in 12 months you could have 500 active members and be earning an additional $3500 in monthly residual income

  • If your team enrolls 50 new members weekly, you earn up to $1250 in upfront weekly income, in 12 months you could have 2500 active members and be earning an additional $40,000 in monthly residual income
  • If your team enrolls 250 new members weekly, you earn up to $6,250 in upfront weekly income, in 12 months you could have 12,500 active members and be earning an additional $100,000 in monthly residual income

In addition to weekly commissions and monthly residual income on memberships, you also earn 50% on personal retail product sales and up to 25% on team retail product sales. You simply refer customers to the website and get paid.

Some of our key products are our:

  • Discount Travel for most major brands and our

  • Identity Theft Protection with Free & Discount Legal Services included and our Tax Audit Protection Thousands of people have increased their cashflow using the systems and have made myEcon one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Let's look at one of myEcon's best points, the price.
When you sign up, you get. . .
Sign Up and Receive A Personalized Website, Our World Class Business Income System and Our Income Shifting Membership.
Our membership includes:

  • Our Tax Withholding Training . . . . . .

  • Our Cashflow Manager, Tax Record Keeping App
  • The Debt Elimination System . . . our
  • myCredit, credit building system . . . and Our Investment Education Training Because of our special promotion, you can get started for a onetime fee of just $29.95 and then a small monthly fee of just $34.95 beginning 30 days after enrollment.

Remember the fees are tax deductible and as an actively engaged business owner, you can get thousands of dollars in tax deductions.
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